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Julien Corioland, Tech Lead Web & Cloud @InfiniteSquare, MVP ASP.NET / IIS

Developping web applications with WinJS

April 05, 2014 - 08:53:25

As you maybe heard this week at the day 1 keynote of the //Build 2014, Microsoft has announced that WinJS is now open source and available for web applications and not only Windows / Windows Phone apps !

Renewed as Microsoft MVP ASPNET IIS for 2014

April 02, 2014 - 13:29:57

Yesterday I have been renewed as Microsoft MVP ASP.NET / IIS for one more year !

Using OWIN to test your web api controllers

April 01, 2014 - 08:42:00

During the Microsoft Techdays in Paris, I spoke with Simon Ferquel about the newest features that came with ASP.NET MVC 5 and Web API 2. A big part of our session was about OWIN that is (IMO) one of the most exciting feature that has been released.

Using Application Insights in a Windows Store application

January 28, 2014 - 08:36:00

Few months ago Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio Online (VSO). One of the new feature that comes with VSO is Application Insights. It allows to monitor the performances of your applications and to find out what your users are doing the most or the less in your app. This kind of information may be very useful to optimize users’ experience in your app or propose new feature, based on behavior analysis.

Using ASPNET Web API to stream Windows Azure blobs

September 06, 2013 - 14:35:00

Few months ago I blogged about how to use ASP.NET Web API to generate a shared access signature to upload a file from Windows Phone to the Windows Azure blob storage. It is also possible to use a Web API to return a shared access key that allows a client to download a blob, directly from the storage.

Using the new notification endpoints with Windows Azure Media Services

June 20, 2013 - 16:42:06

Few days ago was released a new version of the Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK, the version that can be downloaded via the NuGet Packages Manager Console (see One of the top feature in this release is the ability to create notification endpoints to be notified when a job state change occurs !

Use the Windows Azure REST APIs to manage your subscriptions - Part 1

June 06, 2013 - 07:55:46

Maybe you are familiar with the Windows Azure portal that allows you to manage your hosted services, deployments, storage accounts, service bus namespaces or anything you want to do on your Azure subscription. Actually, all the operations you can perform on this portal are also available in sets of http management REST APIs. All you need to access these operations is a development platform that is able to create and send an http request with a client certificate !

Using ASPNET Web API and Windows Azure Shared Access Signature to upload block blobs from Windows Phone

May 27, 2013 - 23:42:00

One of the best thing when working with the Windows Azure platform is that all APIs are accessible through REST http requests. For one Windows Phone app I’m currently developing I had to upload video file in a blob container. To do that, I choose to use the shared access signatures.

Execution de librairie 32 bit dans un rôle Windows Azure

May 14, 2013 - 09:13:00

Par défaut, il n’est pas possible d’exécuter une librairie en 32 bit dans un web rôle Windows Azure, tout simplement parce que la configuration de l’application pool IIS l’interdit. Cependant, il est possible de modifier cette configuration afin de rendre ce genre de scénario possible !

[ASPNET] Exécutez du code au pré-démarrage d’une application

April 10, 2013 - 06:48:47

Depuis ASP.NET 4, il existe une fonctionnalité assez intéressante : la possibilité d’exécuter du code au chargement de l’app domain dans lequel s’exécute votre application, c’est à dire avant même que le code de votre application soit chargé.



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April 17, 2014 07:01

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April 12, 2014 15:16

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April 11, 2014 16:28

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April 11, 2014 15:16

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April 11, 2014 07:01

Announcing #PlayReady as a service and AES dynamic encryption with #Azure #MediaServices

April 10, 2014 16:28

NAB 2014 Announcements from #MediaServices #Azure

April 10, 2014 15:16

Introducing #Thinktecture IdentityManager

April 10, 2014 13:25

WinJS pour le Web !

April 07, 2014 12:01

BUILD 2014 Round-Up – Part 1 -

April 07, 2014 08:37

Summary of Microsoft #Azure Build Announcement - #bldwin

April 07, 2014 07:21

Announcing the General Availability of the Microsoft #Azure Management Libraries for .NET -

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